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Oxehealth is a leader in vision-based patient monitoring and management systems helping clinicians engineer ever better care for the elderly and vulnerable.

Our Service

Our technology gives carers and nurses the insights they require to plan resident care and proactively intervene to help their residents so that they deliver safer, higher quality and more efficient care. We can compute heart rate and breathing rate totally contact free, by analysing the video from a sensorcamera with medical grade accuracy and certification.

 We can also monitor activity and behaviours (such as getting in and out of bed, how long residents have been sleeping and other general activity statuses) to alert carers to high risk behaviour and generate care reports, without having to invade privacy.

This enables carers to proactively spot risk factors and early warning signs to respond faster to residents in need, for example to prevent falls, monitor residents’ behaviour and health status in bedrooms remotely and make more informed care decisions for residents using data from the activity/behaviour report.

The Swedish E-Health authority summarized the benefits for our solution as follows – see link: www.ehalsomyndigheten.se 

Oxehealth: scaling up

Oxevision is used by carers looking after residents in care homes in Sweden today, and we aim to bring it to the psychiatric and hospital setting in the second half of 2021. In the UK, we work with 1 in 3 English Mental Health Trusts, care homes, psychiatry and geriatric clinics. During 2021 we have launched in the USA. You’ll be joining a well-backed UK business at the start of scaling up its operations around the world; these roles don’t come around often.

Improve quality, safety and efficiency of care

Studies have shown that Oxevision has reduced falls by 48% and reduced ambulance & emergency room visits by 68% in dementia care. In addition, Oxevision has supported care homes in managing COVID-19 (www.ehalsomyndigheten.se), reducing carer stress levels (88% of surveyed staff agree) and has helped reduce medication use.

Care home staff and nurses often tell us that they can’t imagine going back to a world without our solution and consider the Oxevision an integral member of their team that “just sets up safety for their patients”.

The role

As Evidence & Outcomes Associate, you will be the lead representative for Oxehealth in combined Oxehealth and customer project teams to measure and document the benefits (clinical, operational and financial) that our service has delivered.

With each customer, you will co-create an outcomes and realisation project plan, align the plan with the responsible stakeholders; then coach and support the outcomes and realisation team to deliver high-quality qualitative and quantitative results. Building strong stakeholder relationships will be key to running a successful project.

Your work will contribute to the improvement of healthcare for society’s elderly and vulnerable – successful projects provide evidence to the municipality of their return on investment in safety, quality and efficiency of care and provide outcomes data for municipalities to support further investments in Oxevision. In addition, municipalities will benefit from the insights to define new ways of working for their carers and nurses. The aim is to provide our customers the results they need in order to be able to secure a wide investment into our solution, as well as to publish the results in a commercial as well as scientific way (for example as journals and reports).

You will work closely with the Swedish and UK based teams.

You will work with researchers to develop research themes (e.g. exploring the impact on physical night time observations on care home residents) and collaborate with external stakeholders (e.g. KOLs) to share our evidence base and present at relevant forums.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Define projects that will measure the benefits realised by customers due to our service
  • Lead the delivery of benefits realisation projects on behalf of the Oxehealth team and coach the customer team to a successful result
  • Manage stakeholders across different functions and levels of each customer to get buy-in for a new project and progress within deadlines
  • Conduct interviews with care home staff and facilitate data collection such as surveys and other quantitative data
  • Write up and present project results in collaboration with the customer
  • Communicate our evidence base with external stakeholders such as KOLs and present it at appropriate forums etc. to establish Oxehealth as a leading welfare technology in the Swedish market
  • Work with researchers from across Sweden (e.g. from universities) to support research themes and publish results. One example of a research theme could be exploring the impact on physical night time observations on residents.
  • Collaborate with the commercial team to create sales and marketing collateral from the outcomes you have generated

What we’re looking for:

  • Structured and organised to manage several projects end to end simultaneously
  • Work dynamically and flexibly to adapt to customer needs
  • Strong stakeholder management ability to build relationships from care home manager level to municipality leadership team level.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Understands quantitative and qualitative data analysis methods (you will not need to do data analysis)
  • Passion for healthcare and our dream
  • Experience working in elderly care and welfare technology
  • Proficiency in Swedish and English language

Minimum of 3 years of relevant experience.

Ideally you would be located in Malmö, as your other Swedish team members, however, remote working options are possible.

Our offer to you:

This is an opportunity to work with a highly experienced, cross-disciplinary and entrepreneurial team that values your learning and growth. This role could set you up to deliver your potential in a way very few businesses could. Specifically, we’ll offer:

  • Competitive package
  • Strong growth opportunities (individual and at team’s quarterly developmental offsites)
  • A flexible working environment - we trust people to manage their time and to focus on results
  • A personal budget to further your learning and development
  • A fast moving culture with rapid and short pathways to decisions
  • Working in a leading healthcare scale-up with an entrepreneurial culture and strong team spirit.

If you have the ambition, energy and skills needed to be successful in this role and want to be part of a company that is on a journey improving healthcare, please apply to this job!

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